Urban maintenance
Icon-lab is widely known for its cross over styles that mix street aesthetics with classic industrial design. Adaptation of powerful influences from the streets to the high-end market is one of the main aims of icon-lab that keeps us streetwise and on the point of founding new trends.

We provide brands with creative and often experimental solutions in order to help close the gap between visual communication, marketing and the growing market around youth culture. The highly networked disciplines of streetart, graffiti, fashion design and production knowledge are a perfect melting pot to create up to date and forward looking products that are as unique as they are enjoyable. That how icon-lab is able to create a unique style and language for each and every client.

In the early 90s, Harun Dogan founded the clothing brand Wrecked Industries followed by the creative agency Icon-lab in 2005. After his worldwide artistic travels he based him self in munich and worked for starshot as creative director. In 2008 he move back to zurich and found rawcut creative studio with his business partner.

The icon-lab team originates straight from the base of the streets. Icon-lab is deeply rooted in graffiti with a strong sense of graphic design, print media and fashion design.